HR Code of Conduct

EMAK Member Company

  • When EMAK companies are interviewing candidates, especially those candidates who are from other EMAK member companies, they must endeavor to avoid questioning about:
    • Confidential client-agency relationship information
    • Confidential agency information like cost, other employees
  • No document / information brought by the candidate for the interview should be perused or copied
  • EMAK Member cpmpanies must not hire a candidate from another EMAK member company without a "Relieving Letter" from the previous EMAK member employes. This letter should be received PRIOR to joining.
  • The "Relieving Letter" should state thr last salary and perks drawn by the employee. This would dissuade employees from misrepresenting their salaries during interview with EMAK member companies.
  • EMAK Members should endeavor that people in their organisation do not use any unethically brought information by the new employee who is from another EMAK member company.
  • Any person who is found to be stating incorrect / false details during interview or while seeking employment with an EMAK Member should be reported to EMAK. He/She may be blacklisted and reported as such to all EMAK member companies for suitable action.
  • EMAK would draw up a list of Blacklisted employees (based on information from Memebres) who have cheated or committed financial irregularities (to be supported by documentary evidence). Such a case would be considered and approved by the EMAk Executive committee before it is reported to other EMAK Member companies.

EMAK Member Company Employees

  • An EMAK Member company employee must give a minimum notice of 1 month by junior evel employees (below manager level) and 2 months by senior employees (manager and above).
  • If the EMAK Member company so wishes, such notice period may be waived in written through the "Relieving letter" stating the last salart and perks drawn of the employee.
  • When an employee leaves an EMAK Member company he must not take / steal Intrllectual capital. This may be of the followning nature:
    • Any form of hard / soft data and information
    • Internal agency process document
    • Databases
    • Case Studies
    • Creative
    • Client documents
    • Fellow-Employee information
  • If an EMAK Member employee wishes to take some material along with him, when leaving, it must be with written permission from the previous EMAK Member company. Without this the material would be considered unethically procured.
  • Individuals moving out from EMAK Member companies and forming a new copany would not be allowed membership to EMAK for 12 months. This restriction may be waived through a "No Objection" letter from the previous employee EMAK Member company.